#107-450 Lansdowne St. Kamloops Open: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm 250-377-0773 downtownxray@gmail.com


The Downtown X-Ray Clinic is a beautiful modern facility where you will be welcomed and treated with care and respect. We look forward to assisting you with your diagnostic needs.

Our wait time is minimal as we are the only clinic in town with two X-ray machines, enabling us to serve you fast. We are additionally open throughout the lunch hour. Our location offers free parking with additional underground covered parking with wheelchair access directly to our clinic. We are located in the lower level of the Lansdowne Village Mall (London Drugs).


  • The Kamloops Downtown X-Ray Clinic specializes in General Radiography from your skull to your toes.
  • Digital technology is utilized along with the Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) which provides high quality images to enhance diagnostic image quality and facilitates the quick turn-around time of image interpretation and reports.
  • We are the only local outpatient facility approved to have two X-ray machines. Wait time for clients is very minimal as a result, usually only 5-10 minutes.
  • For client convenience, we are the only local outpatient clinic to offer continued service from 9-5, open during the lunch hour, Monday through Saturday. Please note that we are down to a single Technologist from 12:30-1:30 pm.
  • No appointments are necessary. Please come at your convenience Monday – Saturday 9am-5pm.
  • We accept requisitions from any clinic or health authority.


  • Upon arrival at the Downtown X-Ray Clinic, expect to be warmly welcomed by our friendly receptionist and comfortable non-clinical environment.
  • It is appreciated that you have your BC Care Card available for scanning.
  • A requisition from your Physician is required.
  • Depending on the type of exam ordered, you may be asked to change into a medical gown and remove jewelry that may obstruct the area of interest.
  • Please make the Technologist aware of any chance of pregnancy as radiation may affect the development of the fetus.
  • During the exam, you will receive lead protection if you are an infant, child, male or female of child-bearing age (<55).
  • You will be asked to hold your breath for exams of the chest, spine and abdomen.
  • You may be asked to hold your body part in awkward positions but only for a short period of time.
  • The X-ray exposure is painless and takes only a few seconds.
  • Several images of the area of interest may be required.
  • We ensure that all clients receive as minimal radiation exposure as possible and take extra care with infants and children.
  • Our staff prides themselves in ensuring that our clients receive the best care, compassion and quality diagnostic images.

Our Technologists are not allowed to disclose any findings regarding the X-ray. A report will be sent to your Physician usually the same day.


We are happy to serve you with all of your X-ray needs. We accept all clients without the need of any appointment. Call or visit us today!


#107-450 Lansdowne Street
Kamloops, B.C. V2C 1Y3
Lower Level Lansdowne Mall - London Drugs



Ph:  250-377-0773
Fax: 250-377-0776


Mon-Sat: 9AM-5PM
Sundays: Closed
No Appointments Necessary!